Implementing an advanced multi-dimensional scoring framework, the aesthetic engine assists with shooting, photo selection, video editing, and video splitting, by comprehending complex subjective aspects in images, and making high-level judgments related to the attractiveness, memorability and engaging nature of images.

This API can be used in photography or photo management apps, such as those for personal photo album management, automatic photo editing, and photo shooting assistance. The aesthetic engine's algorithms help realize the multi-dimensional evaluation of images, from objective, subjective, photographic, and aesthetic perspectives.

Use Cases

This API can generate a 10-second, 15-second, or 30-second video summary of a single video or multiple videos containing the original voice. The video summary is for quick browsing and can be shared on social media.

Service Features

  • Fast: This algorithm is currently developed based on the deep neural network, to fully utilize the neural processing unit (NPU) to accelerate the neural network, achieving an acceleration of over 10 times.

  • Lightweight: This API greatly reduces the computing time

  • Comprehensive scoring: The aesthetic engine provides scoring to measure image quality from objective dimensions (image quality), subjective dimensions (sensory evaluation), and photographic dimensions (rule evaluation).

  • Portrait aesthetics scoring: An industry-leading portrait aesthetics scoring feature obtains semantic information about human bodies in the image, including the number of people, individual body builds, positions, postures, facial positions and angles, eye movements, mouth movements, and facial expressions. Aesthetic scores of the portrait are given according to the various types of the body semantic information.

Generating video summarizations

Videos summaries can be easily generated using our API. This API takes in a source media URL and generates one or more previews according to your spec. These previews are then uploaded to our content delivery network, where you can either directly access them or choose to embed them in your site or app.For more details on how to generate video summaries, please requiest access and a tour of the Lucid Portal, or check our our API documentation.

pageVideo Summarization API

Embedding previews in your site

Once you've generated your previews, you have the option to embed them directly in your site, where they are hosted and streamed from Lucids content delivery network (CDN). The Lucid portal can be used to manage your preview library, and we have SDKs for integration into desktop, mobile, and TV apps.

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